High Hopes in the French Alps

Just Maintaining

gliding out from Varan

The last couple of days we’ve been tied up with Transfers. Which has been ok really, considering the weather and all…

During the day, there were people flying, but I didn’t see anyone get above launch. I was contemplating a drive up but I’d got driving commitments later so I could’ve ended up cutting it a bit fine. The wind direction was not favourable, coming from the West/South and foehn puffs were also forecast to arrive within the next couple of days, so decided to get other jobs done.  I’d got shopping to do, and whilst out noticed one or two gliders hanging around Varan, they were just maintaining over launch but didn’t climb much more than that. It’s all looking positive though… we’re gradually taking steps towards thermic conditions.

The forecasters are predicting some precipitation to arrive within the next couple of days… it’d be nice to do more skiing I have to say.  Apparently, there’s more water skiing than snow around just now…! Well in the lower resorts anyway. I do wish I could muster up some enthusiasm to want to go and ski, but I suppose I’ve been spoilt and like “nice” snow…. It’s the French holidays for the next couple of weeks and normally snow is always provided, this year however, not so.

February 12, 2011 - Posted by | Flying, Transfers

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