High Hopes in the French Alps

Grounding it in Batistock

Dennis and my Delta. Clouds look lovely, it was all a bit ratty at landing!

The weather broke today, and it was looking ok.  Dennis had a transfer into Chamonix and would be able to zip me up the hill around 2.30, so I arranged to be at Chedde landing for then.

Dennis and Francis

It was looking promising this morning with cumi’s popping nicely off Varan. I could see a couple of gliders as I drove to Chedde, but most of them gale hanging, this put me off a bit… then the closer I got, there were other gliders trying to get down! A boomerang, was spiraling down, only to go back up again, wasn’t sure if he decided to go back up again, but it certainly looked like he was ‘trying’ to get down.

The windsock at landing was all a bit bonkers and unruly. I met Dennis, and decided that I’d prefer to do some ground handling until it all settles down a bit. So I nipped home, picked up the ground handling harness and drove to Lac Passy. I arrived to find the windsock was solid, and didn’t relent, not even for a lull. I stood contemplating the wind strength for a time then decided to try Batistock. It was much better there as it’s sheltered a little more. It was a favourable and a good workable strength so enjoyed some groundhandling, for a while. Dennis met me a few minutes later, and had a bit of a play with my glider before driving off for another transfer. His should be arriving soon… I spent the rest of the afternoon with Francis, and got to grips with the Deltas varying inflation speeds, invaluable lesson for me, and all in preparation for the stronger spring thermal cycles. It was a lovely day, just a tad strong…  but I feel much better prepared now for next time.


February 18, 2011 - Posted by | Groundhandling

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