High Hopes in the French Alps

(w)pc. Plod’s on the Piste

..better than expected!

Yes.. we went skiing! A long time coming too..  high level Cyril, was telling the truth as precipitation was in hot pursuit! ok.. so the precipitation wasn’t much, but enough to warrant our trip out skiing! We went to Bettex our usual, but because we’d got Transfers this afternoon and time was limited, the length of the lift queues almost put a damper on it. By the time we’d got up to the slopes it would have been time to come back down again… We decided to drive over to the Megève, La Princesse Station where there weren’t any queues, good choice!

We were up on on the slopes in no time. Great! Really enjoyed the skiing, snow condition was good, the sun was coming and going, but all in all it was a great mornings skiing, a bit busy but not quite Piccadilly Circus on Christmas Eve! I wanted to work on my ‘carving’ as I’ve got these gorgeous carving skis and havn’t been feeling like I’m making the most of them. So I concentrated on attempting to perfect my carving technique, instead of the lazy (w)pc. Plod flat-footed lazy edging efforts I adopt on occassion.

By the end of the third run, the dynamism in my turns had taken on a greater defined fervour and cut… I felt the difference, and it was good!! :-). Would like to try it in the deep stuff now… just need more snow. It just might arrive the same time as Dennis’s glider! 😕

February 22, 2011 - Posted by | Skiing

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