High Hopes in the French Alps

Birds on the Wire… framed feeder

Busy Birds and Fresh Snow

Woke up to snow! Yes… 🙂 winter had returned. If there’s snow down here, which wasn’t forecast it should be great up high. Only problem being we had Transfers, and lacking vehicles. One was in for an MOT whilst the other needs some work doing, consequently no transport until later on.  We hoped to go to St. Gervais for some night  skiing, but this was not to be  due to arriving back a bit late and the night skiing only being open until 8pm, which is a bit early. No matter we’ve got tomorrow free!

With the new snow arrival, the birds were in abundance on the feeder, can’t be easy for them in this weather. It was a surprise to see the snow though, the telly gives a better forecast than anything else, not because of the forecasts but because the signal/reception starts breaking up when there’s any weather close by, the snow was forecast only to around 1000 meters so you can imagine our surprise when it was down to around 600!

Just as the snow arrived so did the message to say Dennis’s glider had been despatched… and more snow is forecast! Just as expected…

If you like birds, I’ve sorted out my camera settings now so it will be enlarged properly for a closer view.

February 24, 2011 - Posted by | Transfers

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