High Hopes in the French Alps


no real problem getting or staying up..

We’ve been really busy the last week, what with Transfers, Chalet work and various other things that have taken precedence over the blog….  no skiing since the last post though. Mind you having said that the weather’s certainly been good for flying.

We managed to have a couple of almost full days off from this making a living yarn, for flying. Dennis’s glider arrived and he’s had fun getting to know it in the spring conditions. Me, I’m just really enjoying mine too.

Yesterday, there was a deeper thicker inversion than today, although both days have been really roly, with not particularly well formed thermals although they were working. Not much height was being lost on glides, and the thermals were definately compact and packed a bit of a punch!

There were a lot more people out flying these last couple of days, and it’s just been lovely to see everyone again. Unfortunately, the next few days we’re going to be tied up with work again, but may manage to squeeze one in mid morning tomorrow.

It felt most definately like Springtime was moving in, Dennis getting a 5 m/s, and me 4.9 so not too much in it… We’re both looking foward to getting more acquainted with our wings, and had some fun sky larking about! 🙂 Dennis did climb out much higher than me though, he caught a bullet up, whilst I got caught in the lovely sink surrounding it… harumph! Still no matter caught up with him later. Just been having some fun with those every so bouncy and springy thermals! Boinnngggg…..

More in Daily Pics, click on them for an enlargement.

March 8, 2011 - Posted by | Flying

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