High Hopes in the French Alps

Cloud Candy, Floss

Cloud Candy!!!

So I’ve been forced to start a new category! The one I’ve thought about before titled “Potentially Great Days Missed!” so this is the first entry… just thought it would be interesting to see how many we miss through the year…

For starters, yesterday and today. It did look kind of good yesterday, the sky had broken and the clouds were carrying potential! Had a look on the xc league later in the evening to see that Tom Payne had clocked a just short of 25k triangle here in the valley. Today, was another good looking day with candy floss early floating semi-transparent cloud forming on Varan.. didn’t want to look! Back home I could see a couple of gliders specking out en route towards Servoz.

Fortunately, the weather looks like it’s going to remain good for the next couple of days, and tomorrow… we should get out, here’s hoping…


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