High Hopes in the French Alps

What, Only an Hour?!

first ones on launch

We did manage to get out and fly first thing this morning. Unfortunately, we only had an hour before the driving commenced.  Taking off in virtual nil wind, then sudden  short fast surges of twisting thermals made launching a tad difficult… but after a couple of attempts all was well.

It was the first time, I’d actually flown in lumpy morning air for ages, we normally wait for the thermals to kick in, but didn’t have the time so had to take what we could. It was short and sweet, and our feathered friends were around and came to join me again! 🙂 this time I could see it was a Kite, with it’s distinct forked tail… I would have liked to have stayed up, it was certainly doable and good practice for bitty conditions, but alas I was summoned down.

On landing it was nice to see Caroline, Marie, Denis and Mathieu all amazed that we’d already flown!

It was interesting to hear Dennis’s comments on the radio having changed his harness. We both found a similiar experience inasmuch as the turning was much more of an effort, and it isn’t as precise as it could be with a different harness.  Anyway, we’ve decided to go for a harness change with the Delta, and keep the other ones for the Mantra’s. I’m hoping to get out and have a go tomorrow.

It will be nice to go ‘lighter’ for a while… instead of being so heavily ballasted up!

It turned out to be a very stable day, with no-one getting really high, as far as I know.

March 23, 2011 - Posted by | Flying, Transfers

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