High Hopes in the French Alps

Too Strong for Comfort

trying to get down after numerous attempts!

Very busy morning, which took up most of the early afternoon… harness all set up now, just need to try it, although am lacking a flight deck at the moment.

exciting place to be??!!

Dennis had a Transfer but there was a chance I could maybe get a fly in, so off I went… I knew the weather was due to change but didn’t expect it to do so, so rapidly.  Checking the webcam, there were already pilots above launch late morning, which should have been an indication to the speedy developments.

Anyway, got up to launch as soon as was viable… only to see some pilots observing and waiting it out, whilst others were throwing caution to the particularly strong wind!

I took note of the westerly ‘garden windmill’ that I saw spinning at quite a rate on the way up. It’s an inconspicuous little thing, hidden away in a small garden on the road up to launch. I’ve noticed that it’s position is almost always accurate when it comes to the Westerley lower valley wind detection. All it is, is a mini childs windmill, but every time I see it, wizzing ’round it’s always been right! Today, was no exception. There it was in all it’s miniature innocence, spinning and glinting in the sunlight ‘warning’ me of the lower valley wind strength.

At the top it seemed ok, until I took a walk over to the launch… it was as predicted. Ok, if that’s your bag… but, it’s not mine.

The situation was not appealing to say the least with pilots struggling to launch! and it looked like one was in the trees as the helicopter was hovering around in the area. In such conditions I don’t consider it particularly wise to struggle against pending worsening conditions.

Well the upshot of it all was… I didn’t fly, so didn’t get to try the new harness set up on my Delta. Not long after I’d decided to leave it, I drove home where it started to spit and spot with rain…

The weather is now due to deteriorate for a couple of days, the snow line is due to lower from 2000 to around 1800 so hopefully more skiing may be in the offing! 🙂

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March 25, 2011 - Posted by | Flying

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