High Hopes in the French Alps

Dog, Decks and Dreary Weather

No activities today unless you call dog walking an activity, well it is I suppose…  The showery, almost stormy but not quite, wet weather prevented us from doing any other activities, but we had other jobs to do, and one of them was to pop in to see Denis Cortella. There’s a new layout now with a seperation between the shop and the factory.

He wasn’t overly busy, so had the time to help sort us out with a couple of flight decks. The new set-up is neat,  there’s a selection of  ‘flying suits’ I don’t mean flying suits for paraglider pilots I mean squirrel flying jump suits for base jumpers. They’re a strange looking creation! We have been up close and personal to those  suits before, one of our guests has one and has jumped reguarly from various high spots around the area.. I really ought to make the effort and go along next time. Not to jump, just to watch… I might add!

Well, I hope the new harness arrangement with flight deck combo works, haven’t tried it yet. With my last flight deck, I ended up hacking it about, putting rivets in, adding extra bits to hold it at the correct angle, what a faff.. and now after all that the zips bust so I needed a replacement. I’ve got one now so harness is usable again.

Arrangement of speed bar and other set ups are almost complete. Just need to get out and fly, which is not going to happen tomorrow, the weather has other ideas. Might get to ski though?

March 30, 2011 - Posted by | Day to Day

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