High Hopes in the French Alps

Une Nouvelle Saison Commence!

Well all my speculation may have been somewhat overstated…  I have it on good authority that apparently, it was a good day but not the best. They just happened to be the lucky few who caught a thermal ‘bubble’ at the right time whilst others who left it just that little bit later missed it, and couldn’t get a climb out.

I had a scout about on the FFVL Distance league to see what had been happening, expecting to see loads of big distances achieved, but not as big as I was expecting… lots of great flights but rather uneventful given the look of the day… perhaps because it was blue it must have been much more difficult than I’d envisaged…  thought some of the hotshots might have got over the 100 km mark, but it didn’t look like it, I am referring only to this region, it may well have been much more forthcoming in other areas.

*          *          *

yep! the new season has arrived!

Anyway, today is another day, and Dennis wanted to fly and test his harness setup so I offered to drive. We’d got Transfers again this afternoon so for both of us flying it would have been a bit more of a rush having to get back up to launch to collect the vehicle and whatnot… I wasn’t feel great, so was happy to drive.

U3 Launch, and Dennis setting up.

The weather is set to deteriorate around early evening with the possibility of stormy weather development. The Altocumulus was looking quite spectacular and dramatic Lenticulars graced the top of Mont Blanc. Föehn was about, so the wind influence messed up the air… it was enough for Dennis to try out his rig though.

Dennis was happy with his flight and figured out what minor adjustments he’d like to make for comfort, the conditions were as expected and both Dennis and the U3 pilot landed before I’d driven down to landing, so a good indication of it not being particularly pleasant.

Down towards Chedde, there was no mistaking it was the beginning of the season with the first tree landing…!

Later en route to Geneva, and driving past Salève, there were loads of specks about, didn’t look like they were xc-ing, just gently soaring around, but I could be wrong.

Today was my last Transfer yippee!!! so I’m free now, just when the weather’s turning, but looking on the bright side, it’s only due to last for the next couple of days… More in Daily Pics.

April 3, 2011 - Posted by | Flying

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