High Hopes in the French Alps

Taking Tea in the Garden..

Mick's New Wing!

It was another flyable day, but we had arranged to have lunch with a couple of our friends Mick and Marian who live just beneath Agy take off. The sky was whiting out, there were no decent cumulus forming and it was incredibly hot.

couple of gliders flying over the house en route to Chevron

Marian made a delicious curry with all the trimmings and a lovely light dessert, later followed by afternoon tea, all very civilised!

I have a very soft spot for ‘Agy’ it was the first place I’d ever flown alone, when I was accompanied by a beautiful bird of prey, but what was so incredible was this bird flew with me, swapping wing tips, then flying above and slightly in front… it was amazing. There was quite a large cell growing somewhat rapidly to the North West, so I decided I’d better land… but this bird not only flew with me, he landed with me too…!! He landed on a post just next to me, ruffled his wings a bit and stamped his feet… Apparently, this is very rare! A lovely memory of Agy…, it’s also a very popular Acro practice area.

Whilst we were enjoying tea in the ‘summer’ warmth of the garden a couple of gliders flew overhead across to the Chevron, they didn’t climb at all, it was a bit of a plummet, but a flight for them non the less. They didn’t quite make it and landed in the bottom landing field.

Mick has taken possession of a new glider the latest Gradient XC3, it does look nice, lovely colours! He hasn’t had a chance to fly it yet, so the plan is for us all to fly Plaine Joux tomorrow, we have a couple of other pilots joining us so hopefully it’ll be a good day. The weather is forecast to be flyable, not sure about the depth of inversion or wind direction yet, will get a better picture in the morning.

April 6, 2011 - Posted by | Day to Day

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