High Hopes in the French Alps

Back Tracking

Missed some update’s…

So here’s a quick run down on those few days..

April 8th

We went up to launch it was blowing furiously enough for us to leave it for a better day. We saw Gavin and Rory on the way up, they flew and we were later given the low down on the ‘Idiot Lift’ conditions, the word was ‘Atomic!’ apparently someone was in the trees in front of Varan… why am I not surprised….?!

April 9th

On the way upto launch we gave Benni a lift up. She’s just come back from the UK, and said that she was annoyed at the fact that she was refused the licence to fly at one of the UK southern sites! For a single days flying!! That’s not very good for French-English relations is it??!!! Anyway, she was so astounded that so many Brits fly in France without any problems whatsoever, and she was refused. She is a Competition Pilot, and am sure her qualification out classes many of the CP’s on the hill…! She has said that she intends to take it further. We’ll see what happens.

Dennis got to fly the Sigma 8. We flew together and I have to say it does look very sleek, a fine looking glider with a sharp cut… I can’t comment on it as I haven’t flown one, but Dennis’s response was that it was a ‘very nice glider’ anything more than that and he’ll have to fill you in. Meanwhile, I just enjoyed my glider, getting a patient climb out from a gentle beginning, all very pleasureable. I felt like I was tuning in to the Delta’s dynamism a little more today…

April 10th

Decided I’d really like to get out today, it was looking good and in hindsight I should’ve gone to Chamonix. As it turned out I went to the local site, and needed to get a lift up to launch as Dennis wasn’t going to be back until late to pick me up so I wanted to leave the vehicle at landing. After a long and tedious wait I finally got a lift up with Bertrand. Still it was a nice flight, can’t complain! Needless to say, Chamonix was the place to be. Tom Payne flew a 76.94 kms triangle…

April 8, 2011 - Posted by | Flying

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