High Hopes in the French Alps

..more time please…?

Dennis.. after his return from crossing the valley..

So today… would have been great if we hadn’t been restricted to one hours flying! As it’s Monday, we couldn’t be sure of a lift up to launch and both wanted to fly. Dennis had his last Transfer today, which meant that we’d take two vehicles out but had to land within time to pack up and be back up at launch for the other vehicle for Dennis to be on the road in time for the Transfer from Megève.

The air felt good, quite a bit of activity, but with interesting kalidescopical thermic patterns… multi faceted thermals which I would have so enjoyed exploring further. Dennis took an immediate climb out, whereas I, on the other hand had further problems with getting into my harness so lost my flow in my first thermal… forced to fly away, sort the blinking thing out and then go back and try to find it again. I absolutely hate that, I hate interruptions!!!!

We haven’t had many ‘free’ full days and to lose a couple of thermals due to blasted interruptions… is enough!

Well managed to make the most of the time, climb efficiently and do what I could, flew big ears and speed bar.. and have got to say the Delta is so…. clean!! ahh…

Took a good in flight pic of Dennis. It was quite bouyant in the valley.

The next three days are not looking the best for flying, the snow line looks like it may be descending again just when we were thinking about hanging up our ski boots for the season, but who knows there may yet be a minimal chance of skiing the Valley Blanche yet…

April 11, 2011 - Posted by | Flying

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