High Hopes in the French Alps

Straight Up!

'Dapper Dan!' - How long do you think this man has been flying?

We went up to Plaine Joux to check out the conditions and see what was happening during a normal busy weekend, I was itching to try out my newly altered harness. was a struggle..

Down at landing it was already strong so didn’t feel in too much of a hurry to go up.

Saw Liddy down at Chedde whilst watching a couple of gliders coming in. We drove up and had a stroll over to take off where it was blowing pretty strong! It was ok, if you like it strong, but sometimes I feel like I’d just prefer not to battle the elements and enjoy my flying. Also, although I wanted to try out my harness I didn’t fancy trying it out if it wasn’t going to work well in these strong conditions, I’d rather something a tad more controllable for a try out.

Max Jeanpierre was on his way to launch, and he said “You not fly?!” to which I replied “Maybe later, and that I’d got my harness, thanks!” quick work… they know you want your harness done, yesterday!

We watched a few launch attempts which were a bit ropey to say the least, and it was all getting a bit rough.. as it does at times, even Max had a unanticipated launch!

Liddy, and a few others arrived, and took off and were hoiked straight up to the top floor without even pressing a button! They were all gale hanging. There were a couple of pilots top landed both flying the new Gin Evo Sprint, with the new Gin Genie race harness.. it looked really n.i.c.e… good cut and smooth. The gliders looked great too and flew really well considering the conditions, good cut for an EN – B, gliders just keep getting better.

Whilst we were there it was nice to see the friendly faces of Jason, Tracie and Natasha reappear who are here for Easter. We chatted about skiing and I’ve finally accepted the fact that the ski season is well and truly over and we’ve now hung up our ski boots. The avalanche risks and cravasses are just to dangerous with the temperatures so that’s it for another season. Still I’ve got my little ski video to work on sometime.

Jason had a fly on his Ultralight, bedecked in his glorious flying suit! and Natasha is looking forward to learning to fly, although she’s not quite old enough, she’s ground handling whenever possible. Maybe next year?!

We waited for a while then chose to leave it… considering the transport issues for a not particularly brilliant flight.

It turns out an early start from a higher point was the order of the day, as Tom Payne got the furthest distance on the French League clocking 198.66 kms! Those R10.2 have got some glide! There were quite a number of other high kilometer flights from the area… including one on a Delta of 108 kms! so it’s all been happening here.

April 16, 2011 - Posted by | Flying

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