High Hopes in the French Alps


There have been some incredible flights around here this week… fantastic!

Tom Payne, who is rapidly becoming a feature in these parts bagged another incredible flight of 242.83…. kms!  and I’ve got to say, the Delta is getting some phenomenal results too…On the 17th 207 kms, was flown having taken off just south of Grenoble in a lesser known launch area. With the Southerly influences pilots migrated further south towards Chambrey, Grenoble where the longer flights tended to be achieved, although having said that there were some spectacular ones set ’round here.

We’ve been influenced by Southerlies all this week but exceptionally light so has produced some big distance opportunities and many pilots were making the most of the Easter Holidays!

For me I enjoyed flying with Mathieu and Dennis, finding thermal cores, and I actually outclimbed Mathieu which was amazing, he was on my tail like a spitfire!! Talking to me he was that close! Never known anything like it.. these PWC pilots! Still it was good practice for me to ‘hold my own!’ and I did until I decided to fly away!

The thermals have been challenging , downright rowdy and amazingly smooth at other times, but at least we’ve been flying…

Moving on to other things.. I went and lost my camera! so no photos, after all that effort tying to find one I really liked, went and left it at landing. Anyway, have put notices up everywhere in the hope of some good conscience person returning it, but it’s Easter week and there’s been a lot of visitors in the area, so I’m not holding out much hope. Have decided to leave it for a few more days before re-ordering a new one… it threw me into a mild misery for a couple of days but today was better. That’s why the lack of blogging.

Dennis didn’t fly this morning having other things to do, but it was looking ok, a blue stable looking day but flyable so I went up to launch.  There was foehn  forecast for the valley and I could see the typical foehn clouds pouring over the massif, consequently all the Chamonix pilots (mainly tandems) were at Plaine Joux.

My flight plan was basically to fly home.. depending on the conditions. I took off and it was ‘messy’ to say the least no clouds just a frenzied inversion! I took a boisterous tippy climb out and got enough height to glide home.

The glide home was pleasant and landing outside the front door to Dennis letting me know what was going on with the valley wind, and a welcoming bounding Tizzy was lovely. It was a morning fly and that was good.

Tomorrow, there is a Category A competition scheduled for Plaine Joux, so that’s always good to watch… the weather is set to deteriorate but they’ll probably task around the thunderstorms!!!

April 22, 2011 - Posted by | Flying

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