High Hopes in the French Alps

High Hike to Cloudbase

It’s been a while since my last blog so a bit of updating.

Well first off, I’m so happy to report that my camera and radio have been found and returned! when I thought they’d gone for good… so normal services will hopefully be resumed. One of Roland’s students found them… they were returned on Tuesday, and I’m extremely thankful.

*          *          *

The weather has been worsenening with stronger winds and risks of storms so the flying has been limited in this area, just early morning windows, which is probably the way it will continue for the next few days, flyable in the morning although with possible rapid deterioration later.  However,  further south they have, and still are enjoying some flyable conditions. Not much in the way of distances have been achieved this week.

On Thursday, we took a walk up to  Tête de la Sallaz, to have a look at the launch area… it was a much further walk than we anticipated. We knew the weather was forecast to rain later and although we did get snowed on at cloudbase, and later rained on… it wasn’t too bad we managed to get back in time to miss the deluge!!

..."if we're going to be trudging through snow, I'm just not interested!"

What we planned was a forty minute walk up to the chalets, we didn’t intend to walk the whole way up to 2026 meters a climb of 700 meters, from our start point,  turned out to be a four hour walk to the top and back down again… it was funny though… Dennis said… “if we’re going to be trudging through snow, I’m just not interested!” meanwhile…   trudging through snow… what a laugh 🙂 !!  Dennis suitably attired in his boy scout shorts, and me in my regular jeans which got muddier the higher we went, eventually looking like festival jeans after a mud bath! was just hilarious! On the way down were members of the ‘Rambling Society!’ all with their weather proofed gore tex clothing! but they were also in shorts, so no one was expecting snow then?!

It was a fun day out, and I’d prepared a couple of my own recipe Popeye Drinks, to keep us pepped up which worked brilliantly.. not even a shred of fatigue set in! The descent was much quicker as one would expect. Unfortunately, due to the cloud coming in, our view was obscured so we didn’t get a good view of the launch area. It certainly is a great place to launch from but access is a bit tough, we could go partway up in the vehicle but the hike from there with full xc glider set up would be a bit excessive for most.

As the weather isn’t too good at the moment, we’ve been looking at some other alternative launch sites which we’d like to try out some time.

April 29, 2011 - Posted by | Day to Day

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