High Hopes in the French Alps

No Flying but a Fun Photo..

Weather has been weather, much needed rain… everything was beginning to look parched, the grass was drying out and taking on a distinct dried sand complexion, but all has been refreshed.

What is it? arigato gozaimasu or syonara..?

Consequently no flying. Over the weekend a small group ventured into Italy to check if it was any better the other side of the mountain, which turned out to be a bit of a wasted trip. A couple of beats along from the Plan d’Aguille to Flegere was all that was permitted by the weather. Since then not much else, except a lowering snow line!!

Today is not looking too good we already have lenticulars over the mountain with darkening cloud cover, and alto cumulus with dropping temperatures. Still looking on the bright side it’s en route to improvement.

We received a few photos from Alex and Natalies visit, have to say this one got me guffawing! anyone would have thought we were connected!! Very polite from a Japanese etiquette perspective don’t you think? Well that’s the full extent of my Japanese O, except that I can count to 10 as well!

May 15, 2011 - Posted by | Day to Day

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