High Hopes in the French Alps

Short but Sweet

the ever increasing cloud I flew away from...doesn't look so bad now!

Green Dragons headed back yesterday after some great flying and an added bit of Chamonix excitement! It was a bit of a slow start for us this morning with chalet work to do and Gary arriving sometime before noon. The forecast was ok for the most part until the forecast storms arrived so we did get to fly but again only a swift one. Well Gary and me had a fly as Dennis had the drivers job. On launch it was a get up and off quick smart as the cloud was already beginning to build all around the valley but it looked like it’d be ok for an hour or so…

There wern’t many about, as launch was clear, so I was away quite quick. Gary followed a bit later.. it was suspiciously smooth but ‘nice’ so I stuck with it, it was mostly sink until I found a few blips which led me to a 5 m/s almost straight up climb. Looking around I saw the straight edges of what looked like icing clouds but wasn’t sure. I really wanted to get up to base, but then again… maybe it would be wise to fly out and have a look back. I scanned the clouds to see if there were any other gliders about, and saw one white gradient really high, spiralling and acroing his way down so the thought did cross my mind that it may be wise to fly away. I have to consider the fact that having to do fast descending acro manouveres or prolonged corkscrew tight spirals in my case may be to much without having to consider a blackout as well, so for me avoiding the need is the correct course of action!

I went on a nice glide at 1876m flying over Chedde where Gary had landed… thought he’d be showing me all the thermal activity in the valley, but it appears there wasn’t any!  I played around at Tête Noir then decided to head back to Plaine Joux wasn’t sure about the cloud though. It was very messy and difficult to get a climb back out and the temperature was really heating up lower down, if I’d perservered I may well have got another climb but decided it was only going to be a short one today.  It’s raining now with the odd thunderous rumblings.

It’s looking like this weather scenario is set for a few days to come. So morning flying is the best and only time it seems…

May 20, 2011 - Posted by | Flying

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