High Hopes in the French Alps

Get Gary, He’s ATO!!

Gary... above launch!

Would have been great to have flown in Chamonix today, we had restrictons so couldn’t go. I decided to drive as I’ve been feeling a bit more needy in the flying department recently, and would have loved the extra excitement of Chamonix, so I offered to drive for Dennis and Gary.

substantial cloud growth!

They had a couple of good flights, and Gary managed to climb out above launch for the first time!! so he was happy and did a merry little dance on landing!

On the drive down Rory suddenly popped up  on the radio, having flown from the Plan again… sounds like it was another good one. He was asking me to phone someone to say he was still flying, didn’t quite unravel the message, the reception wasn’t brilliant, so couldn’t help. Later he phoned to say he tried to get back to Chamonix where it was already raining, so didn’t quite make it.

After midday it was time to keep a watchful eye on the development and land before being devoured by cloud. The weather is set to be a bit lousy tomorrow but Monday is looking better… fingers crossed, maybe we’ll get to Chamonix… I hope so.

May 21, 2011 - Posted by | Flying

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