High Hopes in the French Alps

storms ‘a brewin’

Ed... with Plaine Joux launch all to himself!

Another day with Ed, he’s doing exceptionally well just need to do some work on his reverse launches and he’s almost there.

Well, there’s not really been any flying for us the last couple of days, and it looks to stay that way for a while considering there is a change in the weather on it’s way. I don’t know what’s happened to all those lovely smooth thermals that we used to get, it’s all ‘fractus’ clouds these days with hard sharp edges, the heat of the ground is so unnatural for the time of year and the vast amount of foliage after rain just dries again so quickly releasing punch infested hot thermals, in various shapes of bendy bullets, all that and little bit of wind thrown into the mix make for some turbulent thermal tide rides!

There were some flying yesterday and it looked ok, although we got reports on how rough it was! Even the hang glider pilots chatting to them today, they were saying how they were buffetted about just keeping stable took enough of an effort. Well we had to keep our student pilot restricted to the safe times. I had a fly and an unwanted exciting time of it… so have decided to leave it for a couple of days now until this new front passes through. It’s thundering with some hailish rain now…

The Ozone Chabre Challenge in Laragne is set to get underway next week, and at the moment the first leg of the British Open is in progress in Slovenia, interesting task today. Well we were all set to fly in the 2nd leg at St Jean Montclar, later in the year but didn’t get our confirmation in, in time… here’s hoping we’ll get there if places become available. Will have to start pestering some people about it!!!!

May 30, 2011 - Posted by | Flying, Tuition

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