High Hopes in the French Alps

Flowers and Fruits

lovely redcurrants not cranberries (now I've been corrected thanks Colin!) just along the road!

The weather’s worsening and has taken on a regular pattern of flyable in the morning and early afternoon before it OD’s. Cu-nimbs about, and people still flying!

Dennis was working with Ed again this morning, and early afternoon then the conditions strengthened beyond a safe level for his experience, so that was it for the day. Meanwhile I fancied a bit of a change so went on our usual walking route with Tizzy but decided to do a spot of botanical photography as I haven’t been using the ‘Macro’ feature on the camera much so wanted to re-acquaint myself with the workings.

I took quite a few lovely and colourful flora and fruit pics which have turned out quite well… never knew there was so much juicy colour about  on our regular little walk. Well… it makes a change from taking pictures of paragliders! 😉


June 3, 2011 Posted by | Day to Day | 2 Comments