High Hopes in the French Alps

Chatting Crows

'ere flaps! what do you reckon to this weather then? fancy a fly or should we leave it?

Lots of cloud around this morning. Forecast was for rain and over-devolpment… yawn! Except, that it turned out to be spits and spots of very light rain, threatening cloud for a while which dissipated, then returned, all very confused. The weather is confused…. that’s all I can say about it.

Ed managed to get a couple of flights early on, a bit of soaring and a little thermalling before the weather finally decided to make some sort of  move as to what it was going to do.. it rained a little then it changed it’s mind again, leaving us not quite knowing where we stand.. the clouds were big enough and straight enough to leave it at that.

I went walking with Tizzy, and took this picture of conversing crows… wonder if they were talking about the weather?!


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