High Hopes in the French Alps

Baby Shark in a Fish Bowl

R11 with drogue chute

Flying was ok today… not the best, and cloud development became quite rapid mid afternoon. No trouble going up. Was playing around with intruments today which  gave us an interesting take on what ‘else’ was going on, in our little valley which is affectionately known locally as ‘the fish bowl’.

On my second flight coming into land, I noticed an R11 with his drogue chute deployed… first time I’d seen one in action. Can’t believe how much like hangies the paras are becoming these days. Taking hangie technology and modifying it for paragliders… incredible really.

We watched the Ozone Chabre Challenge which was plagued by bad weather although they managed to scrape a couple of tasks out of it, a feat in itself! The weather is looking ok for tomorrow and better for Sunday.


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