High Hopes in the French Alps

A Day at the Lake

Dennis, just launched

The wind-o-meters all around the area were going beserk! Coming in from all directions and at outlandish speeds. Like there was some UFO in the vicinity causing some weired close magnetic encounter of the ‘third’ kind upsetting all the instruments.


It was a throw it all up in the air and see where it lands, decision for where to go, we plumbed for Annecy. Which as it turned out was a good call, considering the circumstances.

Ken, Wallis and Dennis all flew at Plan Fait, it was another ‘quiet’ day there! The sky whited out, then cleared but there has been some very strange and long lived alto cumulus  and lenticulars around for the last few days with suggestions of big disturbances on the way. Dennis flew my glider as he’s heavy on it and wanted to feel the difference from a weight range viewpoint. He enjoyed it very much so it looks like we may end up going down a size.. hmm.

It was stable conditions and all that was happening was everyone flew up one end of the Plan Fait ridge, and then down the other end. The pilots that could, and had the superior glide managed to carousel up and go on lowish glides towards Montmin, but not many went maybe one or two. The sky was not going to allow anyone  do much more than that. So I drove down to Talloires with Tizzy, took photos and watched what looked like goldfish stuck in a fishtank with shoaling instinct functioning,  going up and down and nowhere. Didn’t feel like I missed anything to be honest… and when the opportunity came for me to have a fly, I declined the offer thinking I’d rather not. Just going up and down, traffic dodging with pilots who don’t necessarily look where they’re going… nah! too much work, for too little return, rather go home.

At least they got to fly though, so it was an okay day.

June 20, 2011 - Posted by | Flying

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