High Hopes in the French Alps

A Short Day for The Longest One!

Grey-dient Gaggle!

June the 21st all the days will be getting shorter after today what a thought! Well the days have been short enough recently, from a flying perspective anyway. We managed to get a fly in this morning, but the air was a mess. With thermals and a westerly wind that made it’s presence felt. Not very nice…. I flew around did a couple of turns, although they weren’t really necessary as flying in a straight line no height was lost. Wallis, and Dennis did a glider swap. Dennis flew Wallis’s Gradient XC3, and Wallis flew the Delta.  Meanwhile Ken was enjoying his own flight as was I.

We non of us stayed up that long as the conditions weren’t anything to get excited about and much less inspiring than we’d hoped. On landing Dennis and Wallis, swapped notes and glider discussions ensued.. as they would! We went up again, had a bite to eat and waited in hope for the conditions to improve. They did but again only short lived before the storms moved in. Both Ken and Wallis had a second flight whilst Dennis and me drove the vehicles back down. It wasn’t too long before we could feel spots of rain, and a few rapid descent techniques were displayed to get down before the rain caught up. A short day for the longest one!

June 21, 2011 - Posted by | Flying

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