High Hopes in the French Alps

Mathieu, and his Mean Machine!


We were out early, working with our most recent one to one client. Marcia.We were continuing to work on her launch and landing techniques, and it’s all coming together. It was very busy on the nursery slopes this morning with a lot of pilots training. The summer pony trekking crew are set up here again, as is usual for this time of the year, and the trekking train were off on their  merry little trail.

We managed to have a long day where Marcia had a few good flights and landings we were both of us  occupied in working with her. Plaine Joux was busy with lots going on, Boomerangs, Little Clouds and the regular glider pack were around, so it was entertaining as I was waiting for Marcia to come back up to launch to have another go.

After launching her on her third flight, I had a fly down on the sedate little Alpha, having a lazy time of it… it’s so sweet though. Funnily enough as I was carrying a bit of ballast, I had to rock back and forth a couple of times to try to get out of the harness on landing… it was lovely to feel the cool air swirling around my ankles though… I’d forgotten what fun it was without always being in the pod! Before I launched, the thermal strength was already increasing so we had to keep an eye of that for Marcia.

On landing, Mathieu was waiting, to take charge of his brand new steed in the shape of a spanking new R11…. an absolutely beautiful looking glider… although surrounded with controversy at the moment.

Mathieu's First Meeting

We went back up again where Mathieu set up and we all took some steps back to admire the mean machine! Dennis flew the Delta this time, and it did look all up and down… so I’d already decided it wouldn’t be good for Marcia. By now the hangies were setting up and launching too, and I made the suggestion that Dennis fly to Batistock, and we’d drive over there so at least Marcia could continue with her ground handling, which as it turned out was the plan that materialised. It was very easy to go up as the inversion was breaking,  Dennis had a good fly and made Batistock easily. Meanwhile Mathieu was still up in the air, although whether that was his choice or not, we wern’t to know!

Marcia, continued with her ground handling practice, whilst Dennis dropped me off back at the ranch, before returning to carry on with the ground handling instuction. It’s just been so hot recently.

Some more in Daily Pics.

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