High Hopes in the French Alps

The Front is Back!

Changing Conditions

This morning, Dennis was attaching Marcia’s, Go Pro camera on her helmet, it all seems to be in order and working although up on launch the positioning looked like it might have been pointing down a bit. Can’t be sure.

It was going to be a bit of a shortish day, the weather was forecast to deteriorate but sometimes the forecasters get the timing wrong. After one flight, which I had the pleasure of flying down after launching Marcia, on board the Alpha, I could feel some strange air, which was whittering on about interferences not beingvery far away.  I enjoyed the open harness and cool air again,  considering it was so hot! by the time I’d landed I was sweltering.

Mathieu was out again, wanting to have a second flight on his brand new acquisition…  On the way up he was explaining how just hitting a bubble of lifting air he was back up another 400 meters! Dennis and Mathieu both had a fly. During their relatively short flights the West Wind had turned up, so put a handbrake on the rest of the day’s flying.

We have another pilot join us today, Richard, who has been flying for a good number of years, so he had a quick fly down, but took off early enough before experiencing the West Wind phenomenon.  The conditions were not good for Marcia, so we drove back down to Chedde.

The rain wasn’t due to arrive until late, so Dennis and Marica went out to do a bit more Reverse Launch practice….

It’s not getting any better and there looks like a substantial cold front moving in,  it looks like a day to  catch up on other things tomorrow, before it gets flyable again…. !!!

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July 12, 2011 - Posted by | Flying, Tuition

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