High Hopes in the French Alps

Brit-ermarchè beginning to improve... lovely clouds!

Low cloud this morning. Dennis had a Transfer to do, so I was working with Marcia, and Richard joined us for a ride up the hill. It was post frontal and although the day started off looking like the cloud was going to keep a low lid on things it brightened up beautifully, and it was certainly xc’able, with cloud base rising to around 2600 meters, which was certainly high enough to do distance.

I worked with Marcia, until Dennis returned and then went on to do some other work. I’ve been a bit low, because I’ve only really got the little school Alpha to fly at the moment whilst I wait for the new Delta to arrive, I wasn’t particularly filled with enthusiasm to want to fly…. which was a shame really because as it turned out it was a good day and I missed it…. dag nabbit!

I did have some other stuff that I wanted to get on with whilst there was a bit of quiet in the house, which is a very rare occurance. I took that to be the opportune moment to get it done, but if I’d known the day was going to be that good, it could have waited…!

Richard flew 23kms today, nice flight and put his very first flight up on the UK XC league!! he’s encouraged me to put my flights up, I’ve been umming and arring about it, but  maybe  I’ll have a go and put some up?

As it turned out today, Marcia cracked thermalling! and is now…. well chuffed with her newly acquired skill, big smiles all round  🙂

Marcia, lives in France but is Canadian, although not French speaking, but has lived here for long enough to speak French well enough. She has been learning to fly with a French school in the South, but has had so much trouble, losing so much in translation it turned out better for her to learn in her own language. Apparently, it has been really frustrating for her as well as the instructors with simple instructions like asking her to fly ‘tout-droite’ and she kept turning ‘right!’ so now she’s finally gained the confidence she was seeking, and is much happier.

Incidentally, the French schools here do have an excellent English vocabulary, but then there are quite a few Brits ’round here, so much so they are even stocking british novels in Intermarchè now!

July 15, 2011 - Posted by | Flying, Tuition

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