High Hopes in the French Alps

Rain Stopped Play…

Marcia, and Rainclouds... before it rained

Well, it wasn’t looking good….  my expectation…. no flying today, but just when you expect it not to happen….. hey presto! it does!

So now that I’ve suddenly got some new found enthusiasm, I couldn’t wait to get up there and get out and play on the little Alpha again… well my glider still hasn’t been despatched. So might as well have some fun, and hopefully retain that fun element a little more instead of taking this whole life, deal, glider thing far too seriously! 🙂

It was going to be cut short by the rain, there was no doubt about that, it was just a matter of when the heavy cloud decided to offload. I took off, and was playing with another re-arrangement of my flight deck, so the flight was useful just for my flight deck set up if nothing else. I was flying around for a while doing a very mild bit of climbing and sinking, and level flying, for as long as I could before the rain spots appeared on my glasses. So that was it, time to get down, and quick.

So I thought, what exercises haven’t I done for a while? well, I haven’t done  big-ears and full bar for a while, so I tried that one, hmm… nice rapid descent, still loads of height so a nice regulated spiral, some more wingovers, and a lot of fun getting down. Whilst the rain spots started to gather more momentum.

Marcia, was having a fun flight, I flew over Plaine Joux to watch her second perfect unassisted reverse launch, and she had a very nice positive flight. We both landed at more or less the same time. Having both gleaned as much as we could out of the weather.

That was about it, the weather’s certainly arrived … so no flying for a couple of days maybe….

July 18, 2011 - Posted by | Flying, Tuition

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