High Hopes in the French Alps

Cold Cold Cloud, Clearing Later

Al, with thick dense cold cloud and optimism!

So the weather’s not been brilliant to say the least, no shortage of rain for a few days, then a bit of a respite for Al to get some flying in at last! We were up on launch waiting… waiting… waiting… for the cloud to finally clear. It was cold up there hanging around, then we had a dominant, consistent backwind, swiftly followed by sleet! I wished I’d got my winter clothing on… it really felt like mid winter. Snow had settled back on the Brevant, as well as Mont Jolie, Varan and Pormenaz! It really was unexpectedly cold.

We perservered and took a swift launch when we finally had a face breeze. The cloud finally lifted and the day began to improve. It was extremely unstable, so after a couple of flights we decided to do a bit of ground handling.

I wanted to ground handle my new little wing, which arrived yesterday… and hadn’t been inflated yet. We tried the lake, which was too breezy, then Batistock, which was virtually zero, so the only choice left to us was to have a go at flying. So we bussed it back up to Plaine Joux where the wind had dropped considerably, there was barely a breath for launching.

Al, was set up and took a great launch, in a momentary face breeze that came and went. Meanwhile I was setting up, and had to wait a while before anything of any acceptable strength came through. I didn’t want to fly straight away, as I wanted to fully inflate the new wing before launching. Sometimes, when they are fresh out of the factory a full inflation is worthwhile just to fully open up the cells all the way through to the trailing edge as it may not be fully inflated and remain a bit compressed, from packing.

A couple of inflations later a nice take off, and away we were. It felt great, the perfect size for me! The response was so much better, and I felt happier… a good solid feel compared to the inattentive action of the bigger one! Can’t wait to get to fly it a bit more now… could really do with the practice and bonding time.

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July 24, 2011 - Posted by | Flying, Tuition

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