High Hopes in the French Alps

St Jean Montclar and a little bit Wiser!

So we’re back from a fab week in St Jean Montclar!

We had a fantastic time… ok how fantastic it was doesn’t show up in our personal results… but believe you me it was great! – I’ve personally been umming and ahhring about competition flying for a while now not really ‘knowing’ if it was for me… but I have to say, after attending this competition I’m all stoked up for the next one. Really, it was fantastic for me to really ‘fly’ with other pilots and I can’t explain just how much my enthusiasm has been rekindled. It feels like it felt when I first learnt… Finally, I think my head was in the right place, and I clicked into the whole competition ethos, and finally ‘got it!’

Tom Payne, gave a great talk on competition flying, and Adrian Thomas an equally interesting one on glider design and the shape of things past, present and future and it’s looking like a bit of an evolution is happening in the world of design…. an intriguing future lies ahead. We also had the pleasure of the company of Bruce Goldsmith and Robbie Whittall on a fleeting visit up on launch, some people just don’t age do they?!

I didn’t get any ‘results’ to write home about so no bragging rights, anyway, there’s plenty of other’s that have earned that right, but for me, I came away having really gleaned some gems of knowledge, from some silly costly mistakes I made.  I’m looking forward to putting those gems  to good use next week, and build on those errors for improvement at the Belgian Open….

It’s done me no end of good especially now that I realise just how much I need to be flying with pilots of my own level and above to keep me fuelled, and replenished instead of being drained by beginners and low-airtime pilots all the time, no offence… but the air was good, so good for me.

I didn’t take any pics,  just wanted to enjoy flying freely without being concerned with blog pictures… maybe next week?

Meanwhile, back at work but that’s the same for us all in one way or another, and at least it’s only for this week as we’re in preparation for the Belgian Open in Larange, here’s hoping for some keen cumulus and good tasks, and who knows maybe even a better position, after all on that front I couldn’t do any worse 😀 “LOL” what fun!!!

August 15, 2011 - Posted by | Competition, Flying, Holiday

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