High Hopes in the French Alps

Stable Chamonix.

very stable and cloudless Chamonix

We went to Chamonix this morning. It was so stable, with barely a breath to launch. Still, our clients, Huw and James had a couple of exciting flights and were both really pleased to have flown Plan Praz. I was thinking about trying to get a climb out and grab myself a mini xc. Dilemma, very difficult to get a climb out, if I can’t get out within a given time I have to land, otherswise no lift back. The gliders that were out and about were scraping along, looking for scraps, I tried the pump, which worked ok, but the inversion was a tough one.

Time was running out, I couldn’t keep our clients waiting so had to decide to let it slip and land. After folding up, and journeying back, there were only two gliders managed a climb out, one of them was an R11, the other looked similar(ish).

Back at our ‘old faithful’ I did some much needed Start Gate practice… jeez… I should’ve got it by now! There was a minor page switch, that my instrument did at a crucial moment that de-railed my thinking, so I wanted to make sure it had been switched off and returned to it’s former simpler view! I think I may have it sorted now….

August 17, 2011 - Posted by | Flying, Tuition

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