High Hopes in the French Alps

Mont Blanc Blows them Away!

Well the Belgian Open came to a bit of an abrupt end, with the wind stopping play…. it was a shame as I personally felt I’d just got off the starting blocks with the first task. Still the ambience of the competition was as agreeable as ever, and we will, if all goes to plan,  be returning  next year. Although the timing of this competitions coincided with one of the best days of the year here! The day being the 21st August, where a handful of pilots flew above Mont Blanc!  it was fantastic… and always happens when we are away…..  apparently, Tom Payne gave some guys the tip off that it was probably going to be possible, I’d just like to get hold of the soundings or what weather stations/charts etc. he checks to get it so accurate, just to be prepared for August next year… oh the decisions. I look at that beautiful mountain everyday and to fly above it would be such a priviledge and an honour.. rendering me “speechless” I imagine…. here’s the unforgettable experience captured on video by one of the very fortunate pilots around that day, Stéphane Boulenger…. hope he doesn’t mind me borrowing his video, but hey it says ‘share’ on the vimeo page!

August 27, 2011 - Posted by | Potentially Great Day Missed!

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