High Hopes in the French Alps

Journey Home

Mens Valley

Meanwhile, we left Laragne a couple of days early, as we had pending work to sort out, as well as get organsied for our next client. It was more beneficial for us to return home a couple of days early than to wait on what the weather charts dictated was going to be darn difficult to get to fly. A great big thankyou to the organisers though, because they did their absolute utmost, with an aoutstanding sterling effort to do all they possibly could to get us to fly, but sadly it never happened. It’s the nature of the game….

U-Boat mountain

On the drive home we came back through the Mens valley it’s a great view through there, we tried to find the launch area a time before but it was quite difficult to locate. The valley itself is so open with great xc potential I wonder why it’s not an area that is popular for competitions, maybe it’s a tad rural….? I just had to take a picture of the U-Boat mountain…. as we drove through you see what I mean.

Back at home, and getting organsied we have had a few relaxing days with family… but back to it tomorrow. The intensity of the summer months has subsided a bit now, we had some snow on the lower ridges of Varan and Les Quatre Tete, but it’s all cleared again… a slight autmumnal chill is making a minor appearance as we are nearing embarkation into  the mellower month of September. The temperature change is very welcome as it has been stiflingly hot recently.

August 28, 2011 - Posted by | Day to Day

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