High Hopes in the French Alps

Serene September

August has come to an end as September serenely arrives with slightly cooler temperatures, and today… rain. It’s to be expected I suppose. Can’t complain about the rain with all the heat we’ve been having recently, I think everything could do with cooling down a bit…

We were out yesterday, where there were a few flying. Not many and not going anywhere but a couple of gentle floaty top to bottoms were had by most. We’re starting to wind down on the flying clientele just now although it’s not over yet! We do sometimes get some unexpectedly good flying days in September, October and on the rare occasion early November… although the days are shortening so not so long to fly.


We’ve had some nice pics from the Belgian Paragliding Open, where they sent us a link to the photo gallery… there are some great pictures amongst them, and we’re sorry we missed the presentation evening it looked like a great night.

I was having a look at a couple of photos taken here at one of the competitions earlier in the year and found this one… thought it looked really interesting with the lenticulars over  snowy Mont Blanc and the contrasting dark green lower hills with climbing gliders in front, thought it captured the atmosphere pretty well… so here it is…. if you click on the pic the gliders will become visible.

Apologies for the lack of blogging recently, just found ourselves much busier than expected…

September 4, 2011 - Posted by | Day to Day

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