High Hopes in the French Alps

Air of September


Another flyable day… although having said that it didn’t look like it was going to be first thing. We had a fair bit of cloud clover with low level clagg, so we had to wait for the cloud to lift before we could venture out to fly. As it turned out, the weather was fine, in fact a bit warm for the time of year.

It started off a quiet day.. . As it’s such a spectacular view of Mont Blanc from our launch area, the Shearings coaches stop by on there Annecy and the French Alps tours so all the old folks pop in and have an ice cream whilst watching all the paraglider pilots impersonating lemmings! For me, I find it endearing to hear them speaking in that English tone that only the pensioners can speak, about having indigestion and asking if ‘anyone’s got a Rennie?. I suppose not hearing English spoken in that manner for years makes it sound quite warm to my hearing….

There were a group of school children having a lesson on the launch area..  not learning to fly, I might add, more of a geography lesson or something, so it was all a bit busy but not with pilots! First off a couple of tandems  flew and managed to get a climb out above launch, later… Lucas Bernardin, one of the top French Pilots on his R11, as well as Mathieu also on his R11, were whizzing around all over the valley. Watching the glide that these guys have on those gliders is incredible.. I can certainly appreciate the sense of ‘loss’ they must feel in not being able to fly them in comps anymore, but on the other hand I can also appreciate the ‘loss’ families have felt from those who flew them and never made it home….

Not wanting to get too poignant, it turned out to be a nice days flying. Alistair and me had a nice flight and Dennis flew afterwards, so we were all happy.

September 12, 2011 - Posted by | Flying, Guiding, Tuition

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