High Hopes in the French Alps

Bright and Just a Little Bit Breezy

More ploufing today, but great for Tom our new One to One client. He’ was the only one on launch this morning,  except Tizzy having a scratch on the launch area, where as the rest of us were having a scratch just below the launch area, a bit later on in the day as we gradually descended into the lower inversion. Tom had five really good flights, but then he does kite, ski, has a PPL licence and does most things so it all seems natural. He’s doing his own lovely landings already and only on his second day, which is excellent.

Tom, preparing for his first flight of the day

We’ve got flyable weather until next Tuesday, so we should be out ploufing ourselves whilst waiting for the snow. It wasn’t all ploufing today though, as there was a good face breeze, which certainly helped Tom, get some reverse launch practice in, he  did an independent reverse launch without a hitch, as well as four forwards launches, and completed most of his EP tasks, so he’s well on the way.

Whilst I was preparing to have my own plouf, another pilot landed after getting some reasonable height just above the Fiz, it was possible to climb out if taking off from a higher altitude. A couple of gliders managed a scrape out. It’s ok, if you can hike up there, but with full xc gear it can be a bit tough. Chamonix lifts are still closed for the time being so we don’t have that luxury for a number of weeks yet.

November 22, 2011 - Posted by | Flying, Tuition

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