High Hopes in the French Alps

Brightening Up a Bit

waiting for the wind for the first flight

We haven’t been able to get out on our gliders much as it’s all been a bit damp, wet and rainy, with the return of winter setting in. After all the snow had gone on Plaine Joux launch, where we could keep our gliders nice and clean, it’s now covered with snow again. Although hang on, I’ll just go and have a look out of the window…No, the snow doesn’t look as much as it did yesterday! It’s improving…

Dennis already had a few flights but still really enjoying it!

Well I’ve finally managed to get round to putting the photos up of when Jason, Tracy and Natasha were here. Natasha, took the photos and very good they are too! Thanks sweetie xx Here’s my glider waiting for it’s first flight.

Dennis wasn’t long after… have to say it was a most pleasing flight… Good to be back, feeling happy!

Rest of the pics in Daily Pics.


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Bargain Basement!

We’ve been having a bit of a rummage through some old stock and have put up a page of extra flying stuff, on the website. This is the Bargain Page, and this is the regular Shop page.

No flying today, it’s all a bit damp 😦

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We had a great afternoon flying today. With Tom and Ian flying with us. Tom was only on his fifteenth flight and was skying right out! – Both Ian and Dennis, and myself had an equally as great a time, but we all headed off in our own directions. I have very happily acquired my own new glider, and have returned to the ever faithful feeling of the Advance Sigma, and have a new Sigma 8, which I am enjoying immensely.  My Delta, has found a new home down under, and I trust is seeing a lot  more sunshine than my new wing has!

Sorry folks no pictures, we’ve been having far too much fun on our new gliders, than to be worrying about taking snaps of the experience… although having said that, I think we may have some on Dennis’s phone and also Natasha took a few pics of us on one of the days, but as yet I haven’t taken them off the laptop! Will get ’round to it soon… seeings as we’ve got some days of rain ahead..

Incidentally, weather wise it was an amazingly good day, with easy stay-up-able conditions, not so much sunny, as quite cloudy but with some pull and punch!

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