High Hopes in the French Alps

Stewart, and the Sigma Scene

The Sigma Scene!
Giles on his yellow Sigma 7,
and Stewart above on his Sigma 8.

We were flying with Stewart again this morning, the air was a bit unruly but fine. So it was good practice for Stewart to get familiar with his glider and the differing conditions.


For Dennis, and me we’re enjoying toying around with different harness settings, amazing what little changes can make to feel and comfort.

It’s flyable and great for Stewart to get some airtime and thermal practice in, so it’s working out really great for him just now!


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Bar-B-Q, at Super U!

the aftermath!

Who’d have thought it! A quiet sleepy town like Marlens where we’ve got one of our supermarkets! Well where we did have a supermarket, and a nice one at that!


But it was gutted overnight by some sort of explosion! What sort of explosion we don’t know… only that it went up in a blaze!

We’re flying with Stewart at the moment, and having some fun and lively conditions. Had some nice flying this morning as the air was smooth and bouyant so a bird’s eye view over the damage was in order. It looked ‘melted’ all the steel girders were sunken. No use keeping my carte de fidelitè then? Mind you they may decide to contruct a bigger and better version. The flying was good…



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Early Boomer Developing

Out earlyish this morning… thought it’d be nice to enjoy some ‘gentler’ conditions, and we did arrange to meet Tom down at Chedde to continue with some more training.

ever increasing…

He wasn’t going to be able to get out ’til around 12:30 -1.00 so we decided to have a fly before he arrives.

It was very early development today, we were watching the cloud development on the drive up, and they were already congesting much quicker than yesterday, and growing at quite a pace. We knew it was going to be a short day.  We both had some good flying, it was rough in places, and I wasn’t really in the mood to battle with the air, so decided I’d like to just have a fly down. Nope! the air had other ideas, and it was a lift, lift situation everywhere… so after a fair bit of time, and a ‘very- switchy-which-way-windsock-swirling-about-everywhere’ approach, I finally landed, Dennis wasn’t too far after me.

We decided it was just a bit too strong for Tom, the cloud bases were darkening really quickly, and on the drive home the heavens opened, with some BIG raindrops! Tom was quite happy though, and has arranged to meet Dennis early tomorrow morning.

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we’d just arrived, one of the Tandems flying

Pierre and Tandem

We flew today, and lovely it was too! That was before the congestus accumulated … we didn’t go out until around 2.30 and when we arrived, there were a couple of Tandems doing the business.

It was nice and quiet and we had a good afternoons float and fly around, playing with speed bar’s and checking out our glide differences… lots of fun, needless to say the heavier person, had the greater advantage, as always! Hopefully more of the same tomorrow 🙂 It did overdevelop though with the cloud thickening and darkening. We’re home now, just waiting for the storm to erupt… although it might all just turn out to be a bit of a lamb, and simply disperse…

Johan and Tandem

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2000 Words

What can I say….

A picture paints a thousand words…. so how about a couple of thousand?

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Counting Chickens!

Grim, grey view of Varan launch from the Dentist waiting room

Steve, was hoping to do more flying this morning but alas it was pouring down first thing, and he had to leave by lunchtime so it just wasn’t going to happen. Meanwhile I had a dentist appointment, not my most favourite place to visit…. Well, I was early and was hanging around the waiting room for ages, whilst looking out of the window at a miserable grey day on Varan launch, I decided to take a photo with my phone.

Eventually after a civil cup of expresso! Yes, I was given some expresso whilst waiting! an apology ensued from my denstist explaining that there was some major surgery going on this morning, and that was the delay, and would it be ok to have five minutes rest?! As far as I’m concerned if someone is going to be poking around in my mouth with stainless steel implements they can rest for as long as needed, after all I don’t want any slips of the hand in that precarious position!

After the dentist a bit of shopping in Sallanches, and back home. It brightened up nicely and I took Tizzy for a walk and took a couple of phone photos along the way, these chickens were funny!

It’s in ‘ere somewhere! Wot you lost mate?!
phone, radio, vario, glove, camera, sunglasses?

*          *          *

So today, my Kortel Kanibal Race harness has found a new home… I’ll be a bit sad to see it go, it’s such a comfortable harness, great lines and a good seat and angle, problem is, it’s just a bit too heavy for someone of my stature to carry around… I’m sure the new owner will be really chuffed, it’s virtually brand new!

As for the Kama Sutra, I’ve decided to keep hold of that one, take the pod off and enjoy using it as a ‘fun fly down’ and maybe fly a bit around, harness. As it’s a good, solid comfortable harness and will be easier to just buckle up after a day of launching people off the hill, when I am restricted and am not doing my own flying, as it’s still comfortable and if I manage to enjoy an extended flight it will be perfect for those occassions without getting fully togged up all the time.

We’ve got a bit of time, but the weather’s not looking great, so we may get out but then again… we may not?! 😕

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Back to Blogging…

Dennis trying out the new school – Alpha 5, goes up easy enough!

So I’ve decided to have a go at reviving the blog… the reason I haven’t kept on it was mainly because I haven’t been carrying my camera around, and prefer to keep my phone as a phone and not a camera!

Paris Peter launching..

The other thing is if I don’t have the camera I don’t have to think about it… so it’s plain old lazyness on my part. Anyway, it seems folks may still like to know what’s happening in this neck of the woods so I’m going to have a go at reviving it to keep the updates going. So first off… this morning, it’s pouring down with rain… So our new pilot, sadly wont be able to complete some of his EP/CP tasks, we were hoping to get him through them in the given time but the weather has decided to put a delay on the proceedings… Still he will be completing them a little later on.

However, yesterday was a different matter. It was a holiday day here; I wasn’t actually aware of this fact, until I realised that there were loads of people about, later in the day and a group of Saga’s best turned up making my heart skip a couple of beats as some of them attempted some doddery launches! oooooo… phew!! glad he got away with that! A whole load of hangies were there too, and a few were up from Paris, and it’s always good to see them, even if I was a bit abrupt! Sorry Peter…. it’s ok I wasn’t up all night not sleeping and worrying about it…. :o) tee hee… Steve, got a couple of shots of your launch.

Ok so the weather, it was strange, bizarre. Early morning it was fine, lovely and smooth and just perfect for our beginner Steve, although we had a bit of all or nothing on launch. But all the launches were clean, bar one… Just a little sidestepping was all that was needed…

Dennis flew down, and did the landing whilst I stayed on launch and did the launching. Steve managed five flights so did really well, passed his EP exam paper with 99% very impressive! But then he is a bit of a skydiver! So he’s got a bit of a head start. I had a flight a little later on when the sky was turning black! Dennis always leaves the nice conditions for me!!!  But it turned out a nice enough day for us all, if not just a bit busy… but eveyone seemed happy enough!

Photos in Daily Pics.

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