High Hopes in the French Alps

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Dennis trying out the new school – Alpha 5, goes up easy enough!

So I’ve decided to have a go at reviving the blog… the reason I haven’t kept on it was mainly because I haven’t been carrying my camera around, and prefer to keep my phone as a phone and not a camera!

Paris Peter launching..

The other thing is if I don’t have the camera I don’t have to think about it… so it’s plain old lazyness on my part. Anyway, it seems folks may still like to know what’s happening in this neck of the woods so I’m going to have a go at reviving it to keep the updates going. So first off… this morning, it’s pouring down with rain… So our new pilot, sadly wont be able to complete some of his EP/CP tasks, we were hoping to get him through them in the given time but the weather has decided to put a delay on the proceedings… Still he will be completing them a little later on.

However, yesterday was a different matter. It was a holiday day here; I wasn’t actually aware of this fact, until I realised that there were loads of people about, later in the day and a group of Saga’s best turned up making my heart skip a couple of beats as some of them attempted some doddery launches! oooooo… phew!! glad he got away with that! A whole load of hangies were there too, and a few were up from Paris, and it’s always good to see them, even if I was a bit abrupt! Sorry Peter…. it’s ok I wasn’t up all night not sleeping and worrying about it…. :o) tee hee… Steve, got a couple of shots of your launch.

Ok so the weather, it was strange, bizarre. Early morning it was fine, lovely and smooth and just perfect for our beginner Steve, although we had a bit of all or nothing on launch. But all the launches were clean, bar one… Just a little sidestepping was all that was needed…

Dennis flew down, and did the landing whilst I stayed on launch and did the launching. Steve managed five flights so did really well, passed his EP exam paper with 99% very impressive! But then he is a bit of a skydiver! So he’s got a bit of a head start. I had a flight a little later on when the sky was turning black! Dennis always leaves the nice conditions for me!!!  But it turned out a nice enough day for us all, if not just a bit busy… but eveyone seemed happy enough!

Photos in Daily Pics.

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