High Hopes in the French Alps

Counting Chickens!

Grim, grey view of Varan launch from the Dentist waiting room

Steve, was hoping to do more flying this morning but alas it was pouring down first thing, and he had to leave by lunchtime so it just wasn’t going to happen. Meanwhile I had a dentist appointment, not my most favourite place to visit…. Well, I was early and was hanging around the waiting room for ages, whilst looking out of the window at a miserable grey day on Varan launch, I decided to take a photo with my phone.

Eventually after a civil cup of expresso! Yes, I was given some expresso whilst waiting! an apology ensued from my denstist explaining that there was some major surgery going on this morning, and that was the delay, and would it be ok to have five minutes rest?! As far as I’m concerned if someone is going to be poking around in my mouth with stainless steel implements they can rest for as long as needed, after all I don’t want any slips of the hand in that precarious position!

After the dentist a bit of shopping in Sallanches, and back home. It brightened up nicely and I took Tizzy for a walk and took a couple of phone photos along the way, these chickens were funny!

It’s in ‘ere somewhere! Wot you lost mate?!
phone, radio, vario, glove, camera, sunglasses?

*          *          *

So today, my Kortel Kanibal Race harness has found a new home… I’ll be a bit sad to see it go, it’s such a comfortable harness, great lines and a good seat and angle, problem is, it’s just a bit too heavy for someone of my stature to carry around… I’m sure the new owner will be really chuffed, it’s virtually brand new!

As for the Kama Sutra, I’ve decided to keep hold of that one, take the pod off and enjoy using it as a ‘fun fly down’ and maybe fly a bit around, harness. As it’s a good, solid comfortable harness and will be easier to just buckle up after a day of launching people off the hill, when I am restricted and am not doing my own flying, as it’s still comfortable and if I manage to enjoy an extended flight it will be perfect for those occassions without getting fully togged up all the time.

We’ve got a bit of time, but the weather’s not looking great, so we may get out but then again… we may not?! 😕

May 19, 2012 - Posted by | Day to Day

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