High Hopes in the French Alps

Bar-B-Q, at Super U!

the aftermath!

Who’d have thought it! A quiet sleepy town like Marlens where we’ve got one of our supermarkets! Well where we did have a supermarket, and a nice one at that!


But it was gutted overnight by some sort of explosion! What sort of explosion we don’t know… only that it went up in a blaze!

We’re flying with Stewart at the moment, and having some fun and lively conditions. Had some nice flying this morning as the air was smooth and bouyant so a bird’s eye view over the damage was in order. It looked ‘melted’ all the steel girders were sunken. No use keeping my carte de fidelitè then? Mind you they may decide to contruct a bigger and better version. The flying was good…



May 29, 2012 - Posted by | Flying, Tuition

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