High Hopes in the French Alps

Road Works and Cloud Streets

Montmin, almost empty compared to last week at the Belgian Open!

So this morning I had an airport transfer to do to Geneva, whilst Dennis had a bus load heading off to Annecy, the plan was for me to join them in Annecy after the drop off, but I decided not too. The road-works were horrific in St. Gervais, on the road up to Les Contamines, and I wish I’d taken the back road, anyway suffice to say it was not the most pleasant drive for me…

Plan Fait, clouds were much nicer en route back from Geneva.

Then the airport police were out in force and I ended up losing my ticket in the parking machine so had imaginings of being stranded there for the weekend. I was so unprepared and didn’t have any Swiss Francs! I just thought it was going to be an easy run, but not so. Anyway, the woman working in the kiosk at the airport bluntly told me that she couldn’t change the Euro’s I had so I ended up buying a Twix just to get some change. It turns out I ended up having to go to the office to get an ‘out’ ticket anyway, as mine had been eaten by the machine. It was one morning’s frustration, after another, and it was enough for me to just get home and have a cup of tea!

Driving home the clouds looked gorgeous. They looked like flat land clouds, the type you get in England… quite low and almost touchable, they were forming streets very early, and it just looked beautiful. I scoured the cloudscape to see if I could see any familiar parashapes under the clouds but not a one! – Finally when I got home, there were some high cirrus moving in but the flying looked great! Apparently in Annecy it turned out really busy, a typical busy day in Annecy… and the conditions were much better here than there as it turned out.

June 27, 2012 - Posted by | Flying, Guiding, Transfers

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