High Hopes in the French Alps

Cloth Captains and Bordering Cu’s

Rained Off

Yesterday was a great day if you like dodging storm clouds that is! Dennis flew the new Tandem, with our new client Mark a US Airline pilot, who knows a lot about the weather! There were a few other pilots flying, mainly locals who were aware of the conditions and mostly all landed and refrained from stretching the boundaries beyond which mother nature recommends to us flimsy vulnerable cloth captains! But not so, Dennis and his passenger skirting the edges of the ever darkening cloud base, well that’s what it looked like to me anyway!

Finally after an hour, and noticing most other pilots had either top landed or were landing in Chedde with an unavoidable vertical descent technique, my common sense summoned me to land. With ever darkening cloud and a scent of it gust fronting, with rain in Les Houches! It was boisterous to say the least and hanging suspended in a stationary position above the church steeple, cables and and farm buildings was enough to bring me down, and I evetually landed on a ballet dancers two step tip toes.

On landing, I had a chat with Hélene who said she thought the conditions were too strong! I was inclined to agree. Dennis and Mark meanwhile were totally oblivious to the roughness of the air, but then Dennis is back in training to fly tandems in Chamonix!! The general consensus was it was rough, their general consensus was, quite the opposite. I think this new Tandem, might have the characteristics of lulling one or should that be two, into a false sense of security! that said, I would like to fly it now! –  I, however still have that nagging and constantly tiresome problem of finding a harness that fits, it get’s me down at times…

So today, the weather has changed again, the rain has returned so no flying. The valley is filled with rain, so we’ve been working on more harness adjustments, because I don’t think I should be feeling that much movement. I was left feeling disappointed after my flight yesterday… so another slight adjustment maybe all that’s needed, hope so. 😕

July 5, 2012 - Posted by | Flying, One to One Tuition

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