High Hopes in the French Alps

Hang Tand’Em High!

All the tandems gale hanging!

So my desktop computer has finally crashed and burned this time! So the final straw broke the Dell’s back. Sound’s terrible, thinking about the ‘final straw breaking the camels back’ and all, but it is a phrase as old as the hills, or an old Arab proverb to be precise, and it had it’s first referral in the western world in a Dickens novel, apparently, and is in no way a reference to any mishaps any of us may have encountered. It comes to something when we get so worried about ‘offending’ other’s feelings that we can’t speak a sound proverb in a choice moment, for fear of ‘offending’… no wonder there’s a spirit of confusion rife in the world!

So anyway, my computer has had it! and I’ve had to upload stuff onto my laptop so there’s been delays. Anyway, enough explanations and onto what’s been happening in these ‘ere parts.

The flying has been ‘strong’, conditions yesterday were hairy to say the least! Our client Mark McCabe the airline pilot who is au fait with clouds, weather and all things aeronautical is coming along in leaps and bounds, and will soon be among the ranks of the ‘old man’s sport’ of paragliding, that’s what he called it, that’s what they say about hang gliding isn’t it? seems were catching up!

I was getting ready to have a fly, after completing my part of training with Mark, but the wind increased rapidly to the point of it being unsafe, so I didn’t fly. It’s ok as my services are no longer required as Mark can land himself safely now so only one of us is needed, which means that the other is free! yea!!! so that’s me off work for a while, hope the weather’s is going to be good.

The tandems were flying in the strong south-westerlies, and as soon as they were off launch they were whipped up high and carried along way above the normal height, and were all just hanging there, for ages! Seb mentioned that he reckoned there was some rolling föhen in the lower valley, which would have made for quite an unpleasant ride, unless you like that sort of thing of course. Needless to say, it didn’t put the tandem pilots off, all of them getting their oblivious passengers holding out their ‘go-pro’s’ on their extended arms! Reminds me of learning to ski on the ice, thinking that was normal! :-/ They all landed happily though, as was expected, they all just got longer flights 🙂

July 7, 2012 - Posted by | Flying, One to One Tuition

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