High Hopes in the French Alps


It was Tandemonium up on launch for most of the day, but we still had Mark with us, working on CP manouvres and honing his launch and landing techniques.


The weather has been so far a bit disappointing. It’s flyable but not xc-able due to the rapid weather change and increasing wind speeds. We’ve had a lot of strong upper and mid level winds so far this year, which puts a bit of a lid on any attempts at any epic xc-‘s. It’s been so fickle, but thankfully the conditions have been workable for us, and great for beginners!

It was a bit of touch and go, to get off in time before the rain hit, which for me brings on minor recall avoidance, so I just walk away on these occassions! I don’t want another parachutal stall experience being caught in the rain, once is quite enough thank you very much, and no way am I looking for a repeat experience!

Anyway, the rain held off, until it started… it was approaching from the south-east, Mark had taken off, and practiced some spiral diving, more tandems took off, and Jack the last tandem pilot was waiting on launch as the back-wind switched on and the rain finally arrived. We had already done our about-turn and were on our way down in the shelter of the blue bus, just to catch a glimpse of Jack packing up his wing, very wise!

So it was a fast moving day, in getting flights in early before the weather arrived. Mark had three good flights, each one furthering his confidence and ability.  Here’s hoping we get some settled weather higher up for a change, for me personally, now that would be nice!

July 10, 2012 - Posted by | Flying, One to One Tuition

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