High Hopes in the French Alps

Change on the Way

weather changing over the mountain…

A change coming…

No Mont Blanc attempts today, clouds don’t look favourable… Maybe that’s it now for another year?!


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The Anticipation of the Parabrother’s!

Brother’s Preparing.

Brothers, ready and waiting!

So now after all the Mont Blanc excitement has calmed down, here’s the update of what’s been happening with our L platers, a couple of brothers who are coming on great, considering the heat they are having to work in!

The morning conditions have been excellent for practice for them though, and the whole riser, glider set up etc. has become established. We will be moving on to CP tasks of Big Ears and Speed Bar with them tomorrow and that’s on their third flying day, so it can’t be bad.

Dennis did a tandem a couple of days ago, and thankfully they managed to get off the hill! You’ll see why in the photo… of how not to be a tandem passenger! I’ve been sweltering up on the launch area for quite some time, and an beginning to feel the big melt! But it’s cooler up there than down at landing!

We’re going to have a change from ‘beginner’ work next week as we’ve got one of our regulars returning to us so some flying is in the offing… hope the weather holds out.

Whilst on launch and heard a helicopter arriving at the back, and my first thoughts were ‘O! no!’ but then I noticed it wasn’t a pompiers rescue helicopter but some sort of social one…

It seems Marie Antoinette turned up! I tried to get a picture of her, but couldn’t quite get one… although I did get the helicopter, never a dull moment eh?!


Couldn’t resist this picture… Lovely! Olivier and young passenger!

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Mont Blanc Start Gate!

Well we’ve never seen so many pilots swarming ’round Mont Blanc ever! It was the best and most incredible day for top landing the mountain. As usual we were grounded with students, but having said that next year the plan is to book out these few weeks in August and do some high Mont Blanc attempts ourselves… me, I was chomping at the bit, and on the verge of handing in my notice! It looked like a start gate gaggle up there!

As it happens there has been some controversy over the amount of pilots who totally disregarded  the ‘restricted airspace and areas’.  The helicopters at this time of the year are really busy keeping the huts replenished and fishing people off the mountain, doing their rescues. Apparently, they were winching someone off the side of the mountain and were having to contend with paragliders flying underneath and around and about them during a rescue. It seems there may be some slapped wrists over the total disregard of the rules.

There were some pilots who did respect the rules and approached the mountain from the correct side.  So that’s this years Mt. Blanc summit flying over… We wait to see if there is going to be a new ruling considering this in Chamonix now, if the pompiers and helicopter pilots put in official complaints we may be looking at a restriction or a ban…. hope not!

On the 20th August, there was another attempt and it was another free for all, with pilots who were not clued up on how to gaggle fly, jumbling up the sky in a mess! It’s a tough one to regulate!

As this weather seems to be hotting up even more these days, it seems that the Mont Blanc summit flight may become a bit of a regular thing now… so long as pilots respect the rules!

There were many more pilots up there than actually submitted their flights on the logs, maybe it was those that infringed on the restricted airspace that refrained from uploading.

Even so… it was a great day, and wish I could’ve been part of it… Enjoy the video pilfered from our local flying club!

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Pilot Training Season

It seems to be the height of the training season at the moment, most of the schools around here are busy, as well as ourselves…

The weather has been excellent for learners!

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Perfuming Flying! (you get it don’t you?!)

Gift wrapped perfume,,
reminds me of Strawberry Cream chocolate?!

ok… so I haven’t blogged for ages. We’ve been busy! Have got to say, it’s great when our reputation precedes us… as we have had two chaps from New Zealand learn with us a week or so ago, who flew all the way from New Zealand, to learn with us and then fly back again! That’s some compliment… We also had the pleasure of the company of Toby Columbe stay for a while which was great for me, because he relieved me of some work, so I could potter about in the house, but mostly in the kitchen! Toby has a hidden talent in the kitchen also which was revealed… great cook he is!

So time has ticked on as it usually does, and I’m pleased to report a new computer which has not glitched or crashed on me at all, can’t believe how smoothly it’s all running, don’t know if I’ve already rattled on about this?!

Temperatures have been soaring recently, and the landing field is starting to look like straw, all dried up, but thankfully we had a bit of a shower last night and this morning offering us all some very welcome refreshment.

We have another student with us now, who had his first flight today, so was really happy with that. Unfortunately, with all the heat and the moisture it was just far too hoofy to fly him again today, but it’s looking ok for tomorrow.

With all this heat, I’ve been getting a bit low on the old perfume, so was greeted with a box of my favourite today… wonder if Dennis is trying to tell me something?!

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