High Hopes in the French Alps

Perfuming Flying! (you get it don’t you?!)

Gift wrapped perfume,,
reminds me of Strawberry Cream chocolate?!

ok… so I haven’t blogged for ages. We’ve been busy! Have got to say, it’s great when our reputation precedes us… as we have had two chaps from New Zealand learn with us a week or so ago, who flew all the way from New Zealand, to learn with us and then fly back again! That’s some compliment… We also had the pleasure of the company of Toby Columbe stay for a while which was great for me, because he relieved me of some work, so I could potter about in the house, but mostly in the kitchen! Toby has a hidden talent in the kitchen also which was revealed… great cook he is!

So time has ticked on as it usually does, and I’m pleased to report a new computer which has not glitched or crashed on me at all, can’t believe how smoothly it’s all running, don’t know if I’ve already rattled on about this?!

Temperatures have been soaring recently, and the landing field is starting to look like straw, all dried up, but thankfully we had a bit of a shower last night and this morning offering us all some very welcome refreshment.

We have another student with us now, who had his first flight today, so was really happy with that. Unfortunately, with all the heat and the moisture it was just far too hoofy to fly him again today, but it’s looking ok for tomorrow.

With all this heat, I’ve been getting a bit low on the old perfume, so was greeted with a box of my favourite today… wonder if Dennis is trying to tell me something?!

August 16, 2012 - Posted by | Flying, Tuition

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