High Hopes in the French Alps

Pi in the Sky!

Dennis just landed! Amazing how I managed to line up the cells with the barn roof!

So haven’t been blogging recently, why?  just busy is all….

Mick and Marian

But after having brought through another pilot, this time Simon, the Kenyan Cycling team’s coach… who is now fully fledged with wing and all, and all set to scale new heights in the Rift Valley, and some unexpected Aussie pilots popping by, the odd tandem, and various other commitments, we finally got to fly a couple of brand new demos! And they were lovely!

Dennis gave me a call and said, if I get out to the landing field by 3 o’clock, Gavin was bringing out a couple of Pi’s  for us to try! So I was out there ready and waiting at 2:45! And yep, we got to try out the all new, brand spanking crisp clean new Advance Pi’s!

Other than being a mathematical antiquarian symbol π which is apparently greater than 22/7! but as  I’m no mathematician, the sum of  this little gliders calculation fitted it’s components description perfectly.

The thing with maths, is that  the answer is generally always pure, it’s usually right or wrong, and there’s no inbetween, unless one chooses to embark along the routes of equations of infinity, that continually evolve… but now I don’t know what I’m talking about!

All said and done, the Pi was a real delight to fly. Gorgeous launch characteristics, beautifully light to handle, good solid feel in the air, good to thermal, excellent lightweight harness arrangement with excellent and unexpected back support. For a mountain rig, it held you in the perfect position, and one could fly comfortably for sometime in such a lightweight set-up. For me this little mountain glider, knows exactly what it is!! and the most comfortable one of this type I’ve ever had the pleasure to fly!

The whole rig weighed around 3.5-4 kgs, depending on size,  and it didn’t feel like I was carrying anything! – Maybe this is the way to go, healthy, happy hikes and flights!!

On another note, it was nice to see Mick and Marian, who doubled up enjoying a tandem, haven’t seen them all summer, and also Brad Nichols was out premiering his Gradient Nevada, straight out the factory, looks nice.  So it was a day of flying new gliders, always nice…

September 22, 2012 - Posted by | Flying, One to One Tuition

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