High Hopes in the French Alps

Cuche macht Bus kaputt!

Still busy with transfers at the moment, the snow condition has been very good over the last week, but the temperature is rising a little now, however we are due more snow very soon. In the meantime…

Here’s a good laugh! (Well not if you’re the bus driver!) Just couldn’t resist putting this video up, well it is the ski season after all!


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2014 – Update!

We’re in the middle of our Airport Transfer season at the moment, but had a great day skiing in La Thuile, Italy for my birthday. This is the first time we’ve skied here, and I have to say it is a really interesting place to ski. It is quite high at 2200 mtrs, so the snow condition was very good. It started to snow later on, so visibility was poor, and it was a bit of a white out in places. It was relatively busy but not overly so, no lift queues or anything, but then it is ‘low season’ at the moment. We stopped off at a lovely mountain chalet restaurant, where I was warmed up with a delicious veggie soup, whilst Dennis went for the ballast lunch of a cheesy looking pasta and ham dish! Either way, the food was great and cappuccino in Italy is just as it should be!

All in all, La Thuile is certainly worth a visit if you’ve never been, and certainly a great place to ski. We’re really looking forward to going back again as it is possible to ski through to France from there.

There has been more snow fall, so we’ve got a couple of days coming up free soonish, so hopefully we’ll get a better view of the place next time we go.

Meanwhile, thoughts have returned to flying on and off, and here’s a fabulous video by Jean-Baptiste Chandelier, called ‘Touch’ that captures the essence in so many ways! The days are getting longer now… Enjoy!

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